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Flow on Snow

stress less - be more

Experience the feeling of being in the flow to develop your skills with ease.

Our history

We are a group of enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts who find joy in helping other people achieve their goals.

With the founding of the association "Flow on Snow" we have created an opportunity to realize ourselves and to pass on our enthusiasm for winter sports to other people.

For us, snowboarding is more than just a sport. It shapes our everyday life because we align our lives with it & make it our way of life. We try to incorporate insights from the movement into everyday challenges.

For us, the feeling of being in the flow is up & Away from the mountain our ultimate goal. Because then we are completely in the moment and can use all our abilities.

» Flow describes a state of happiness that people experience when they are completely "absorbed" in an activity. Contrary to initial expectations, we usually reach this state of almost euphoric mood when we devote ourselves intensively to a difficult task. «

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Find the balance between challenge and success and become part of our snowboard community. We believe that you learn best in a positive, motivated environment and would therefore like to bring our passion closer to you in one of our intensive courses and / or ongoing club events. Our state-certified snowboard instructors will bring you closer to your goal step by step. Experience the feeling of being in the flow and learn snowboarding with ease.

Our team

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