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Split board camp

Leave everyday life behind and join us on adventurous tours through the Tyrolean Alps. Accompanied by certified snowboard guides, you will learn the necessary techniques.

Our guides know the area around Innsbruck well and have a trained eye for safe & good runs. Become part of our splitboard camp to learn a lot in addition to having lots of fun. 

Innsbruck and surroundings (40 minutes from Innsbruck)

March 2024

  • Small group (3-5 people)

  • Shuttle: Innsbruck - tour location - Innsbruck

  • Friday 1/2 day, Saturday and Sunday full days

  • only valid in combination with season membership

Special offers:

  • including evening program

  • Snow & avalanche awareness

  • Avalanche transceiver training

  • snowpack analysis

  • tour planning

  • graduation film

  • ​incl.                         Split boards



This course is aimed at sporty snowboarders who like to go on tours and want to improve, as well as at people who have not yet done splitboard tours and would like to learn. Safe skiing on black slopes  and simple off-piste terrain should not be a problem. 

Goals: Proper handling of avalanche transceiver equipment and splitboard, independent tour planning and implementation (ascent and descent), personal assessment of alpine dangers & Insight into different touring equipment (preparation for purchase).

main topicswill ever may be adjusted based on the overall level of the group.


Total: € 290,-

including split board + bond

excl. transceiver offarmor & telescopic sticks

Accommodation & Rental on request

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