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Learn 2 Ride Camp

Due to our many years of experience as snowboard instructors, we are aware that it is important to learn safe & achieve independent boarding. In order to have long-term fun in the sport, we would like to make it possible for you to do this within a weekend.

Innsbruck and surroundings (30 minutes from Innsbuck)

January & February 2024

  • Small Group (Maximum 3 people)

  • 3h snowboard training time per day (total 6h) *

  • only valid in combination with season membership


Special offers:

  • learning fromflow techniques

  • 1x video analysis

  • 1x photo shoot



This camp is aimed at future shredders who want to become snowboarders. No prior board sport experience is required. Even people who were already on the board, but not yet sure & simply create curves are welcome.

Goal: Get a feeling for sport, safe and anticipatory skiing on blue slopes & controlled lifts.

main topics depends somewhat on overall level and ranges from drifting down the fall line, moving to the finish, first turns & Strengthening of swings through to alternative forms of movement.


excl. lift pass

Accommodation & Rental on request

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